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Terms of use

Sincere Wholesale Pte Ltd (" Sincere Wholesale ", "we", "our" or "us") operates an online retail store on    ("Site") and through Sincere Wholesale software or mobile applications (including Relay) ("App"), offering services for the online browsing, purchasing and delivery of grocery and non-grocery products through the use of the Site or App ("Services"). We provide access to the Site, App and Services subject to your acceptance of these Terms of Use. By connecting, accessing, browsing or purchasing products at the Site or App, you agree to be bound by and to accept, without qualification or condition, the Terms of Use for our services rendered to you through the Site or App. Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using the Site or App. If you do not agree to our Terms of Use, please do not use the Site or App. By accepting these Terms of Use, you agree that these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will apply whenever you use the Site, App or Services.  

We reserve the right to amend, vary and change the Terms of Use at our discretion at any time without any notice to you by posting the amended terms on the Site or App. Your continued use of the Site or App following any changes shall be construed as your acceptance of any such amendments, variations and changes. If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms of Use or any issues raised in these Terms of Use or on the Site or App, please contact us at 


1. Use of the Site and/or App

  1. 1.1. Subject to your compliance with these Terms of Use, we grant you a non-exclusive and non-transferable licence to use the Site and/or App, and access and use the Services available via the Site and/or App, solely for your personal and non-commercial purposes.

  2. 1.2. The Site, App and Services are meant for use from a Singapore location only. We do not represent or warrant that the Services or any text, graphics, documents, photographs, images, music, software, audio, video, information, digital or electronic files or other materials on the Site or App ("Content") are appropriate or available for use in your location. If you choose to access the Site or App from anywhere outside Singapore, you will be responsible for compliance with local laws, if and to the extent local laws are applicable.

  3. 1.3. You agree not to:

    1. 1.3.1. hack into, interfere with, disrupt, disable, over-burden or otherwise impair the proper working of the Site, App, Services or our servers; or

    2. 1.3.2. reproduce, display, or otherwise provide access to the Site, App or Services without our prior written consent.

  4. 1.4. Unless otherwise allowed by law or with our express written permission, you shall not:

    1. 1.4.1. decompile, reverse engineer or disassemble any software or other products or processes accessible through the Site or App;

    2. 1.4.2. insert any code or product or manipulate the content of the Site or App in any way that affects the proper working of the Site or App (including but not limited to any denial-of-service attacks, spoof attacks, session hacking, sniffing, tampering, spamming); or
    3. 1.4.3. engage in any data mining, data gathering or extraction.


2. Registering for an Account

  1. 2.1. You are required to register for an account with us ("Account") by choosing a user name and password (collectively, "Log-in Details") to access certain features of the Site and/or App, including but not limited to placing an order on the Site and/or App.

  2. 2.2. You acknowledge and warrant that all information you provide during the registration process (and any information provided thereafter) is accurate, current and complete. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your Account or to take any action which we deem necessary in our sole discretion if any information provided is found to be inaccurate or incomplete.

  3. 2.3. You must inform us immediately of any changes to the information that you provided when registering by updating your personal details in order that we may communicate with you effectively.

  4. 2.4. You are solely responsible for any activities or actions conducted and all communications transmitted through your Account, regardless of whether you have authorized such activities, actions or communications. For the avoidance of doubt, we will not be liable for any loss, damage, costs, expenses, or liabilities arising out of or in connection with any unauthorized use of your Account.

  5. 2.5. Each household or delivery address may only register one (1) Account, with each member of the household and/or every person sharing the delivery address being an Authorized User of that Account. At our sole discretion, we may allow more than one (1) Account to be registered for the same delivery address.

  6. 2.6. If we discover that more than one (1) Account has been registered for the same delivery address or that there has been any unauthorized use of any Account, we may at our sole discretion:

    1. 2.6.1. merge, suspend and/or terminate such Account(s);

    2. 2.6.2. cancel any orders placed through such Account(s);

    3. 2.6.3. cancel or invalidate any credits, discounts, Discount Codes (as defined below at Clause 7.4 or Rebates (defined below at Clause 6.2) awarded to or used by such Account(s) and charge full price for items purchased; and/or

    4. 2.6.4. prohibit such Account(s) or persons from participating in any Promotions (as defined in Clause 7.1).


3. Suspension and Termination

  1. 3.1. We reserve the right, in our sole and absolute discretion, to restrict, limit, suspend, deactivate, delete or terminate our Services and your Account, prohibit access to the Site, App or Services, or remove any Content without assigning any reason and without notice or liability.

  2. 3.2. Without prejudice to the generality of the above, you agree that we may without prior notice immediately terminate your account and terminate your access to the Site or App under the following circumstances:

    1. 3.2.1. breaches or violations or purported breaches or violations of these Terms of Use and any other terms and conditions, incorporated guidelines, agreements or privacy policies which may be applicable;

    2. 3.2.2. upon the request of any competent authority;

    3. 3.2.3. upon your request to terminate your account;

    4. 3.2.4. misuse or abuse of the Site or App, including, without limitation any fraudulent, dishonest or illegal use of the Site or App;.

    5. 3.2.5. failure to pay any fees or charges on the Site or App to us; or

    6. 3.2.6. any other reasonable cause as may be determined by us in our sole discretion.


4. Item Pricing and Information

  1. 4.1. Unless otherwise stated, all prices on our Site and App are quoted in Singapore Dollars and are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax.

  2. 4.2. Where the price of a product is determined by its weight, we will provide an estimated price of the item ("Estimated Price") based on its indicated weight and the prevailing rates at the point of checkout, with the actual weight and price ("Actual Price") of such item to be provided to you at point of delivery.

  3. 4.3. In the event that the Actual Price exceeds the Estimated Price, we reserve all rights to charge you the difference between the Actual Price and the Estimated Price. In the event that the Estimated Price exceeds the Actual Price, we will refund you the difference between the Estimated Price and the Actual Price.

  4. 4.4. All orders are subject to stock availability and we reserve the right to cancel, amend, limit or reject your order or the quantity of a product that you have ordered if the product is unavailable. We reserve the right to do so without liability or compensation and without notice.

  5. 4.5. We reserve all rights to change such prices or withdraw any promotional discounts or offers at any time without notice.

  6. 4.6. We are not liable for any errors in the pricing, product or promotional information listed on our Site or App. If a product offered by us is not as described, your sole remedy is to return it in an unused condition.


5. Shop for Free Reward Programme

  1. 5.1. Our Shop for Free reward programme allows you to earn rebates that can be used to deduct from your future spending on our Site or App if you refer your friends ("Referred Friends") to us.

  2. 5.2. You will earn a one percent (1%) rebate ("Rebate") on every Singapore Dollar (S$) spent by your Referred Friends on their purchases if:

    1. 5.2.1. you have an Account with us;

    2. 5.2.2. you are a Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident or a foreigner working or studying in Singapore;

    3. 5.2.3. you share your referral link to create a valid EAMART account with your Referred Friends; and

    4. 5.2.4. any of your Referred Friends, whose does not already have an Account or is not already an Authorized User of an Account, clicks on your referral link to create a valid Account that complies with these Terms of Use, subsequently makes an order on the Site or App, and the delivery of that order is completed successfully.

  3. 5.3. Provided that you satisfy the conditions in Clause 6.2 above, you will be automatically credited with the Rebate, which will automatically appear in the My eWallet section of your Account page. You can deduct the credited Rebate from the total price of the items in your Shopping Cart at the checkout page.

  4. 5.4. The Rebate may only be redeemed via the Services on this Site or App.

  5. 5.5. Each Rebate credited into your account will automatically expire three (3) months from the date of your Referred Friend’s purchase.

  6. 5.6. Rebates may not be transferred or exchanged for cash or coupons

  7. 5.7. Rebates may not be earned by creating multiple Accounts.

  8. 5.8. We may suspend or terminate the Shop for Free reward program or your ability to participate in the program at any time at our sole discretion without providing a reason for the suspension or termination.

  9. 5.9. We reserve all rights to review and investigate all referral activities, suspend any Account or remove or modify any Rebate if we notice any activity that we believe is abusive, fraudulent, or in violation of these Terms of Use.


6. Promotions and Discount Codes

  1. 6.1. We may run sales, clearances, lucky draws, contests, surveys and other promotions (collectively, "Promotions"). Please note that such Promotions are subject to additional terms and conditions which may be found on the Site or App and are incorporated by reference into these Terms of Use.

  2. 6.2. We reserve the right to discontinue any Promotion or other privileges at any time without notice or liability.

  3. 6.3. Promotions are only valid for the time period specified by us and only while stocks last. For the avoidance of doubt, we will not offer any cash or compensation for promotion items which are no longer in stock.

  4. 6.4. We may offer you credits, vouchers, coupons and codes ("Discount Codes") to receive a specific discount from us. The following terms shall apply to the use of such Discount Codes:

    1. 6.4.1. Discount Codes are only valid if they are applied upon checkout on our Site or App and cannot be applied after that order has been placed.

    2. 6.4.2. Only one (1) Discount Code can be used for any one (1) order at any one (1) time.

    3. 6.4.3. Each Discount Code may only be used once per household/delivery address.

    4. 6.4.4. Each Discount Code is only valid during the time period specified by us.

    5. 6.4.5. You may be required to spend a minimum sum before the use of a Discount Code is permitted.

    6. 6.4.6. Discount Codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other Promotion, unless otherwise stated.

    7. 6.4.7. Unless otherwise stated, Discount Codes cannot be used on baby formula, milk products, or any over-the-counter ("OTC") medicine.

    8. 6.4.8. Discount Codes cannot be refunded, redeemed or exchanged for cash, or resold, transferred or shared with anyone other than an Authorized User.

    9. 6.4.9. Notwithstanding the preceding clause, our gift vouchers may be purchased by you and gifted to third parties.

    10. 6.4.10. You are not allowed to alter, tamper with or distribute any Discount Code.

    11. 6.4.11. We may, at our sole discretion, verify the validity of any Discount Code, cancel any Discount Code applied and charge full price for items purchased under that Discount Code if in our opinion that Discount Code appears to have been used in contravention of these Terms of Use. If you choose to cancel your order subsequent to our cancelling of the Discount Code applied, any payment made for such order shall be refunded to you:

      1. (a) to your eWallet; or

      2. (b) upon your request, to your credit card, subject to payment of a S$20.00 administration fee.

    12. 6.4.12. We are not liable to replace any Discount Code

    13. 6.4.13. We reserve the right to amend these terms or impose such other terms and conditions to the use of Discount Codes as we deem appropriate by posting the varied terms and conditions on the Site or App and such terms and conditions are hereby incorporated by reference into these Terms of Use.

  5. 6.5. Free gifts offered as part of a Promotion are offered strictly on a "first come first serve" and "while stocks last" basis. We will not offer any cash or credit in lieu of such free gifts.

  6. 6.6. Our decision on all matters relating to Promotions or Discount Codes and other privileges is final and binding.


7. Orders & Payment

  1. 7.1. Payment for all orders must be made in Singapore Dollars through MasterCard, or Visa.

  2. 7.2. Your order is an offer to buy from us and is subject to our acceptance. There will be no contract of any kind between you and us unless and until we dispatch the selected products to you. At any point up until then, we may, without liability or compensation, cancel, amend, limit or reject your order in whole or in part or otherwise decline to supply the products to you without giving any reason, provided that where an order for any product is rejected or cancelled by us, any payment made for such order shall be reversed or refunded to you in accordance with our prevailing refund policy. At the moment that your orders are dispatched, a contract will be formed between you and us. Unless your order is cancelled in accordance with Clause 7.3 below, you will be charged an administration fee of S$10.00 for the cancellation of any order by you. For the avoidance of doubt, any processing of payment for an order shall not in itself constitute acceptance of the order by us.

  3. 7.3. If, by mistake, we have under-priced any item, we will not be liable to supply that item to you at the stated price on the Site or App. In such an event, we will notify you about the under-pricing and provide you with the option of cancelling or confirming your order of such item at the correct price. By confirming your order, you authorise us to charge all additional amounts to you. If you choose to cancel your order of the under-priced item, we will reverse or refund payment for such item in accordance with our prevailing refund policy. If we are unable to contact you within three (3) days from the time we first discover the mispricing, we will treat your order in respect of the under-priced item as cancelled.

  4. 7.4. We will not process orders that involve inaccurate credit card details or credit cards that are expired or over-the-limit. We will endeavour to contact you in such an event. However, if such an order is processed, we reserve the right to collect payment and levy a collections fee for any unpaid orders.

  5. 7.5. When such fees or charges are due or if a redelivery fee is imposed, you agree that we may charge such amounts directly to the credit card saved under your Account. A refusal to pay such fees might result in a suspension or termination of your access to the Services. You shall be responsible and liable for any fees, including any legal fees and collection costs (on a full indemnity basis), that we may incur in our efforts to collect any unpaid sums from you.


8. Delivery

  1. 8.1. We do not deliver to any delivery address outside mainland Singapore.

  2. 8.2. Delivery fees are as reflected on the Site or App at checkout. Premium Customers are entitled to an unlimited number of free deliveries of their orders without any minimum purchase value required. Non-Premium Customers are entitled to three (3) free deliveries of their orders without any minimum purchase value required, however, every subsequent order with a purchase value below S$30.00 will be subject to a delivery fee.

  3. 8.3. Delivery slots are subject to availability. If your designated delivery location is inaccessible, we will contact you to determine the best alternative location and/or date.

  4. 8.4. If there are any changes to your delivery address, preferred delivery timeslot or contact number, please notify us immediately. We reserve the right to charge an administrative fee of S$10.00 for any changes you make to your delivery address or preferred delivery timeslot after you submit your order.

  5. 8.5. While we endeavour to deliver your orders to the delivery address and within the preferred delivery timeslot specified by you on your completed order form, we will not be liable for any failure to meet such specified delivery timeslot.

  6. 8.6. Please arrange for someone to receive the delivery and acknowledge receipt by signing off on the delivery invoice or electronically through a device. If no one is at the delivery address to receive the order during the specified delivery slot, we reserve the right to charge you a redelivery fee comprising the sum of (a) S$10.00 and (b) the full price of all perishable items in your order.

  7. 8.7. If your order includes age-restricted items which may not be delivered to a minor (including but not limited to alcoholic drinks), please ensure that a person of eighteen (18) years of age or older with appropriate identification is present to accept delivery. We reserve the right not to deliver any age-restricted product to anyone who is, or appears to be, under the age of eighteen (18) years old, and to charge you an additional re-delivery fee of S$10.00.

  8. 8.8. We reserve the right to refuse to deliver any alcohol to any person who is, or appears to be, under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  9. 8.9. If any applicable legal requirement for the delivery of any age-restricted item is not met, we may cancel that item from your order without further recourse to you.

  10. 8.10. For delivery addresses that do not have a functioning lift, we will only deliver to a floor in a building that requires our delivery staff to walk up or down five (5) floors. We seek your understanding to protect the health and safety of our delivery staff.

  11. 8.11. While we will endeavour to meet your specified delivery preferences, we cannot guarantee that our delivery staff will be able to meet all your instructions under all circumstances.

  12. 8.12. We recommend that you immediately refrigerate or freeze perishable items upon delivery.

  13. 8.13. For some orders, we may provide you with the option of having your orders left at your doorstep as an "Unattended Delivery". Please note that not all orders are eligible for the option of "Unattended Delivery".

  14. 8.14. If you have opted for an "Unattended Delivery" in your completed order form and no one is available to accept delivery of that order, our delivery staff will leave your order unattended at the delivery address.

  15. 8.15. We disclaim all liability for any loss, theft, or damage arising from an "Unattended Delivery".


9. Returns & Refunds

  1. 9.1. You may return non-perishable items to us under the following terms and conditions:

    1. 9.1.1. If you wish to return any non-perishable items, you must contact us within seven (7) days of your delivery date at or call us at 6257-3468.

    2. 9.1.2. You will be liable for all delivery costs associated with the return unless you are returning the item due to the delivery of an incorrect or damaged item.

    3. 9.1.3. You will not be eligible for any item exchange or refund in respect of the returned item unless the returned item is returned in its original condition, in its original box and/or packaging, and is not used or expired.

    4. 9.1.4. We reserve the right, but have no obligation, to inspect the returned item to determine whether it was rightfully returned in accordance with Clause 10.1.3. Where we exercise our right to inspect the returned item, our decision in respect of the returned item is final and binding on you.

  2. 9.2. If any perishable item you ordered was delivered incorrectly (including but not limited to the delivery of any additional item(s) not ordered by you) or damaged to you, please contact us within seven (7) days of your delivery date at    or call us at 68448138. We may offer a replacement or refund of the damaged or incorrect item(s), or arrange for the re-delivery, collection and/or return of the incorrect item(s) at our sole discretion.

  3. 9.3. Where you are permitted to return any product to us for a refund and such product was originally purchased under a Promotion or Discount Code, you will only be refunded the amount that you originally paid for such product. We offer no guarantee of any nature for the timeliness of the refunds reaching you. The processing of payment may take time and it is subject to the respective banks and/or payment provider internal processing timeline Where the promotion, discount, or Discount Code had applied to the entire order, we will refund you the selling price of the returned product less the promotion or discount or Discount Code amount applied to the returned product on a pro-rata basis. Further, any free promotional gift given with an order must also be returned if you are returning the product(s) to which the gift related. If the total order value is reduced below the value of the qualifying free delivery or any promotion qualification because of a returned item, we may charge the delivery fee and/or the full value of the order without the promotion.